2017-11-01 Bluesensus team attends IFOAM Organic World Congress in Delhi


Udo Censkowsky and Sourabh Dubey will attend the IFOAM World Congress in Dehli, India on the 9th and 10th of November. If you are interested to meet us don´t hesistate to get in touch with us. For more Information about IFOAM World Congress, click here.

2017-10-01 Bluesensus appointed by EU commission to become member of EGTOP


Udo Censkowsky has been appointed to become member of the expert group for technical advice on organic production (EGTOP). He will contribute above all with his expertise in organic aquaculture. First meeting will take on the 9th of October 2017. If you want to learn more: Click here.


2017-08-01 Bluesensus assigned to co-ordinate a CSR-Project of ALDI SÜD


From 2017 until 2020 Udo Censkowsky will coordinate a 3 -year project focusing on restauration of mangrove areas in Costa Rica and India, on improvement of a shrimp fishery project in India as well as on income generating activities for coastal communities.

If you want to learn more: Click here.

2017-02-01 bluesensus team and network strengthened in 2017


Simon Censkowsky and Philipp Censkowsky, sons of Udo Censkowsky, have joined the bluesensus team. Both finish their Bachelor in business administration and/or Political Economics this year and will dedicate a part of their time to assist selected bluesensus projects for the next two years. Udo Censkowsky: “I am happy that both are showing interest in my work. I strongly believe that they will benefit from learning how sustainability projects can be implemented in a private business and/or intercultural context".


In India bluesensus has assigned Sourabh Kumar Dubey to support some of the bluesensus projects. Sourabh will soon finish his PhD in Marine Biology. Sourabh is an expert in aquaculture, mangrove ecosystems and climate adaptation strategies.

In addition, bluesensus has started a co-operation with Blue Sea Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd.. This company is based in Kolkata and has been founded by Apurba Saha. Jointly, we will work on the expansion of organic aquaculture in India and related aquaculture improvement projects.

2017-01-28 Udo Censkowsky at Biofach 2017


Udo Censkowsky will attend the world’s leading organic trade fair Biofach ( In case you are interested in a meeting, please, don’t hesitate to contact

2016-12-18 Mangrove plantation in Indian Sundarbans


On the 7th of December 2016 bluesensus has visited the mangrove plantation site in Sundarban area. The picture shows the women group caring for the plantation under the guidance of the NGO partner Nature Environment & Wildlife Society. We developed this project on behalf of Ristic GmbH (member of SHORE Group) and Alnatura. 

2016-10-17 Bluesensus takes part in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems Project


BÖLN, the German funding program for organic agriculture, has approved a new research project on recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS). The project was submitted by Naturland e.V.. Bluesensus is member of the project’s consortium led by Naturland. Other members are Seafood Advisory, University of Tübingen,               University of Kiel and Gesellschaft für Marine Aquakultur.


Main objective is to clarify the position of organic industry stakeholders regarding seafood production in recirculation aquaculture systems.

2016-10-06 Bluesensus at MSC/ASC Info Day in Hamburg


Bluesensus founder Udo Censkowsky will attend the MSC/ASC Info Day at the 7th of November 2017 in Hamburg, Germany. Meetings can be scheduled prior to the event. Please, write an e-mail:

2016-09-21 Bluesensus now member of the European Aquaculture Society

Since 1976, the European Aquaculture Society EAS cares about sustainable development of European aquaculture. The aim is to develop contacts, share and disseminate information and promote research. Bluesensus has now become member of EAS. More information:

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