India Palk Bay Flower Shrimp Trawl coordinated by bluesensus


The German retail chain ALDI SOUTH Germany has been buying sea caught shrimp from SHORE/Ristic for the German retail market for years already. Both companies strive to increase the share of sustainable resources in their products and to minimize the negative ecological and social impacts of production. This also applies for responsible fishing. Therefore, together they support a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) in South-India in close collaboration and work towards continuous improvement within the supply chain. The common aim is to guide the fishery in their development towards MSC certification. ALDI SOUTH secured funding and jointly with SHORE/Ristic assigned bluesenus with the implementation of the FIP. After final selection of the Palk Bay Flower Shrimp fishery bluesensus started to promote the idea of a Fishery Improvement Project in India in 2017. In 2018 a pre-assessment against MSC criteria has been conducted and a first larger stakeholder event could be organized in Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu-India) discussing the FIP with fishermen, processors and other involved stakeholders in May 2018. Since mid of 2019 the Indian NGO MSSRF supports the local implementation activities like an on-board observer program or the development of a Code of Practise for the fishermen community. Please, find more details on the FIP on


bluesensus continues support for WTBT-project and Blue Sea Aquaculture Ltd.


This start-up company has been established by Apurba Saha in 2017. Besides managing the organic Black Tiger supply chain the company is dedicated to develop new sustainable seafood supply chains in West Bengal for export and international markets.


bluesensus supports the strategic development of the new company. A major part of the work is to improve the natural productivity of organic ponds, to stepwise improve the social and environmental situation of the farming community’s as well as to develop local markets in India and abroad. Learn more about Blue Sea Aquaculture here.

bluesensus assigned to co-ordinate a CSR-Project of ALDI SÜD


From 2017 until 2020 bluesensus will coordinate a 3-year project focusing on restauration of mangrove areas in Costa Rica and India, on improvement of a shrimp fishery project in India as well as on income generating activities for coastal communities. The implementation will be done in co-operation with local NGOs and other governmental and non-governmental partner organisations.


ALDI SÜD Dienstleistungs-GmbH & Co. oHG has launched a developPPP-Project in co-operation with KfW-DEG. Ristic GmbH, as member of the Shore Groupis contractual partner of ALDI SÜD for implementation. Shore Group’s Pure Shrimp Initiative has initiated the project. bluesensus has been assigned to implement the project. For more information about the ALDI SÜD / KfW-DEG project click here.



In 2013, Udo Censkowsky has been assigned by the Austrian retailer Hofer KG to develop an organic Black Tiger project in West Bengal, India. In 2015 the supply chain has been certified organic for the first time.


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Udo Censkowsky has developed the Pure Shrimp Initiative on behalf of Ristic GmbH and used to be the coordinator of the Pure Shrimp projects until end of 2018. The Pure Shrimp Initiative has been extended to the SHORE (Shrimp Organization Europe), the holding structure of Morubel nv, Ristic GmbH and Telson nv in 2016. Click here for more information.

Since 2010 Udo Censkowsky is seafood adviser to the ProPlanet Steering Committee. Pro Planet is an initiative of Germany’s second biggest retail chain Rewe AG.


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In 2004 the first BioFish-Forum took place in Nuremberg, Germany, as part of the Biofach conference. Since then the BioFish-Forum had been organized in Nuremberg annually as well as in Boston, Brussels, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro, bringing together stakeholders of the organic aquaculture movement. For more information visit

Organic Aquaculture 2009 – Production and Markets


Dr. Stefan Bergleiter and Udo Censkowsky were lead authors of the study “Organic Aquaculture 2009 – Production and Markets”. The publication looked back at the global development of organic aquaculture production and identified and described important issues with regard to standards and laws. The publication is not distributed anymore.

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